We help busy professionals to look great, get stronger, and play longer

Train with our experienced strength coaches as they tailor proven systems to help you increase your strength and conditioning so you can look and feel great, play longer, and enjoy life.

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Get fitter and stronger, faster!

Whether you have never stepped in a gym or lifted a barbell, or for those advanced lifters looking to get to the next level.

Tailored Program
Work one on one with your coach to set personal goals and follow a proven program to get the results you want. Using a science based approach for success.
Body Recomposition
It is possible to lose fat weight and gain muscle at the same time. Get stronger and trim so you can lift that big number and look great in that European cut shirt.
Track Your Progress
What you measure you can improve. Our coaches provide access to Trainerize for customised workout and results tracking. Watch your progress as you improve over time.
Get Stronger
Carry yourself with a new found confidence and know that you can open that jar, move that couch, and lift all your kids at once. Take pride in your lifts and progress.
Lose Weight
Cut the fat and expose that powerful body underneath. Be confident at the beach, in the pool, on the field, playing with your kids, and with your partner.
Play Longer
Benefit from your strength training to increase your endurance and lung capacity. Run that marathon or play the entire game - and keep your breath.

Get Started in Three Easy Steps and Begin Achieving Your Goals Today

Step 1

Step 1

Book a Free Phone Assessment with one of our senior coaches
Share your goals and why they are important to you
Schedule a time for an in person training introduction
Step 2

Step 2

Share your goals with your coach
Agree on a game plan based on a proven system
Set yourself up for success with the tools you need to track your progress
Step 3

Step 3

Complete initial measurements and fitness test
Start training with your experienced coach
Enjoy the results as you achieve your goals.

Want to feel strong and move better?


Why Us

We aren't your average trainers

We specialise in helping a very specific type of person

The Liftology Project is your ideal coaching team if you are a professional working long hours, you've probably got a young family, and used to play sport but now rarely find the time.


You probably work in an office, often with regular travel and long hours.

Have a goal

You know what you want, but aren't really sure on how to achieve it.

Sporting history

Whether at school or university, you played competitive sport and enjoyed it - but in recent years work and life have kept you away.


What real people say about Liftology

Don't take our word for it, hear directly from some of our clients.

Andrew Hatfield
Andrew Hatfield

After many years of running, and playing tennis and soccer, I ended up injuring my back. Sneezing was often dangerous enough to put me out of action for days. Working with Mitch for just over a year, I now no longer fear sneezing and can easily keep up with my kids, move furniture, and lift more than my bodyweight!

Byron Paine
Byron Paine

Mitch has helped me realise progress comes in all shapes and forms, and that it’s not going to be an easy task hut that it can be done. Mitch has shown incredible dedication to myself and his other clients which drives our thirst for strength even more.

Craig MacDonald
Craig MacDonald

Mitch isn't your bog standard trainer, and I can say that having trained with a couple before him. Mitch is your coach. Not only does he know his craft well, he is always learning and staying up to date. Attentive and focused, picking up on small but important incremental improvements.

Michel Hanson
Michael Hanson

Absolutely an amazing PT, listen to him! My stress levels dropped and my confidence and overall health went through the roof.. I would recommend him to anyone! Get in with him before he is fully booked!

Dallas Allen
Dallas Allen

Excellent one on one PT experience, fully understands the body and how to give you the best and right experience. Takes the time to really look at your form and correct it for the right work outs. My results have been amazing and my confidence working out on my own even higher now.

Junyi Zhou
Junyi Zhou

Mitch is an excellent PT who has a great sense of humor! After training with him for over a year, I can see a big change in my energy levels and body. If you are skinny and want more curves, look no further;)